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Therapy Services

Gestalt Language Proccessing

We specialize in the identification, assessment and support of gestalt language processors (children who communicate with delayed echolalia/scripting).  We are trained in using the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) Framework during child-led activities to support language development and help guide children to self-generated (original, flexible) language.  We support children who are speaking, minimally speaking, and non-speaking.  We have experience with set up and implementation of AAC systems for GLPs.

Virtual Parent or 
Professional Coaching

Set up a one time, weekly or monthly consultation caregiver or provider consultation call.  We can discuss any questions you have about gestalt language processing and we will coach you on how to support your child/student's language development. This is open to anyone in the United States. We can review language samples, home videos, IEP goals. 


*Note: no direct treatment with the child is involved. 

Early Language Delays/Disorders

If your child's expressive (use of language) and/or receptive language is delayed and they have difficulty expressing their message and/or responding to directives we will support their language development through a child-led approach. Incorporating their language goals in a naturalistic way during everyday routines and play to make therapy meaningful and intrinsically motivating for to your child which encourages generalization of skills. 

Speech Sound Disorders

Do you, adults and/or peers have difficulty understanding your child? Does your child have difficulty saying certain sounds? We provide evaluations and treatment for articulation and phonological speech sound disorders. We will address these goals through naturalistic child-led activities to make treatment meaningful for your child and intrinsically motivating to encourage generalization of speech sound skills. 

Kid Painting

Individual Therapy & Consultative Services

30-minutes: $75

60-minutes: $110

Comprehensive Evaluation Report


Comprehensive Assessment +

Written Report

Private Pay Rates

For more information about rates and insurance reimbursement check out our FAQ page

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