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Parent &
Professional Consultations

We provide virtual consultations on gestalt language processing and the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) Framework. During consultations we will answer questions you have and coach you on how to support gestalt language processors. 

Consultations are open to anyone regardless of location. Please note that there is no direct treatment involved with the child. If you're interested in direct therapy, you must be a resident of Massachusetts. Visit our Therapy Services page for more information on direct therapy services. 

"I absolutely loved chatting with Jess for a parent consult.

She gave me so many great ideas to increase my son's engagement in his AAC.

So helpful!"

- Maureen

Gestalt Language Processing Consultations

Consultation calls can be set up as a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. It's up to you! We will support you by answering any questions you have, and providing you when strategies to support your child/students. 

  • Provide information on gestalt language processing and the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) Framework

  • Language Sample Analysis

  • IEP Goals and Accommodations 

  • Home/Session Video Analysis

  • Discuss AAC set up and implementation strategies

  • Classroom strategies

  • Neurodiversity-affirming practices

  • Child-led therapy

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